The Future of Media Videos

The future of media is in danger of becoming THE Agenda at the moment for various reasons – the biggest being that ultimately changes here effect virtually every other industry in one way or another. Probably for the 4th time… I think… I checked my inbox this morning to be greeted with another ‘have you seen this film – it’s scary!’ email. So I thought I should probably try and calm everyone down. If you haven’t seen them, here are three of the most circulated:

EPIC (certainly is in its assumptions)

Prometeus – The Media Revolution

The Day of the Long Tail

I am not about to waste time knocking these elaborate conclusions or the content creators – we should all engage with the future in my opinion. But, here are three things to remember the next time one of these comes knocking at the door.

1) Don’t be scared, fear is the weapon of ideological (not objective) futures.

2) Technology (and its ownership) does not make the future – people do.

3) The main trend you are witnessing is the use of videos as promotional vehicles.

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