the future of the consumer…

Having worked in and around consumer industries for most of my career, you could argue that ‘the future of the consumer’ is the area I explore the most.

So when I was asked to put together a radio show and come up with a relevant marketing subject for it, unsurprisingly I came up with ‘the future of the consumer’.

It was an easy choice, but more than just reflex, because I had been wondering about the relevance of the term consumer for some time. The real question that had been bothering me was whether the concept of the consumer had a future at all?

I put the word out and was lucky enough to get Jamie Allsopp from the Future Foundation and Marie Corin from The Times to join me and discuss the topic.

The show has now gone live and you can listen to it here webmaster.

A big thanks to Marc Landsberg for chairing a great debate and to Jamie and Marie for being fab, as per usual.

With show providing a test bed, I now believe this is going to be one of the major debates for the future of marketing communications, if not society at large.

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