Future of Money: Leo Burnett Study

We have just finished a big project at LB looking at the Future of Money – Money Makes the World go Around. The research results are still being rolled out, but I have some topline findings to share with you dear reader.

The following is a quick overview and an interview conducted with me by Drew from LB Worldwide (click on the blog link to read the wisdom).

> > Results from a research project conducted by Leo Burnett and released last week uncovered some intriguing findings into relationships between consumers and money around the world. Perhaps the most striking was that people associate words like “happiness,” “respect” and “recognition” with money much less than one would expect.

Other key insights include:

– Those in emerging markets are much more financially confident about the next 12 months than those in the West.

– Supermarkets are trusted more than banks, insurers and credit card companies.

– A meritocratic global economy has developed, leading people to view skills and intelligence (rather than country of birth or family name) as key factors that contribute to how much money one earns.

More on money:

A paper I wrote with Melanie Howard on Mobile Banking Some time Ago: Money on the move: Opportunities for financial service providers in the ‘third space’. Via The Journal of Financial Services Marketing.

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