press interview – smart company – advertising on facebook

press interview - smart company - advertising on facebook
How to Advertise on Facebook, by Nina Hendy, 21 OCT 2010
As usual, the big end of town has been the first to embrace one of the newest advertising strategies – social media advertising.

Ben Hourahine, strategy director at digital agency Amnesia Razorfish, says businesses that wish their fans a good weekend by updating their Facebook status can earn more kudos than a traditional product message. Social media works for all businesses, no matter what industry it operates in, he says. “We view social media as earned media space rather than paid media space.” “You have to work at it to get there, and you have to be upfront and honest to stay there. Brands need to not think about it as advertising, but as a way to connect with their consumers in a one-on-one relationship,” he says.

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