A 100 words on account planning

I’ve been asked to sit on the APG Committee this year, which is a big privilege for me and something I am really enjoying (more about the Account Planning Group here). Part of the invite process was penning some words on what planning means to me.

Here’s what I wrote. I tried to squeeze what I believe, what I love and what I hate about planning into 100 words, so excuse the lack of explanation, but hopefully it makes sense.

‘I believe planning can change the world; I believe everyone should want be a planner and I believe it shouldn’t take 10mins to explain to my granny what I do. I love people. I love ideas. I love both; planning. I really love helping people get into planning. I love Internets (obviously). I hate planning that no-one can understand. I hate planning that ends with a brief. I hate the fact a junior planner just told me he was warned to avoid the “arseholes” in our industry. I hate myself because I’ve done nothing recently that’s really helped our industry.’

On the last point I am obviously on a mission to push planning through the APG and other industry activity.

But, outside of that, if your an aspiring planner, or are thinking about becoming one, I am happy to help in anyway if I can.

So there you go, I’m slowly retreating with my soap box right now.

2 thoughts on “A 100 words on account planning

  1. Thanks David, glad you like the words.. My great aunt still thinks I am one of Tony Blair’s spin doctors..

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