Why do ideas die? The 14 ways of thinking that kill real innovation

Adapted from, and inspired by, Cliff Bleszinski’s Game Developer Flashcards.images

1. There’s no precedent – if it hasn’t been done before (or done well) it shouldn’t be done.

2. It’s been done before –  the reverse; a potential pattern match masks the  innovation.

3.What if people trip over –  edge case scenarios drive fear of failure.

4. It’s this combined with that – dismissed because a simple formula is spotted.

5. Let’s do that down the track – it’s so great, it should be saved up for a bigger moment.

6. They tried that before – the failure of others discounts related ideas.

7.  Let’s add this to that – thoughts are added until the idea topples over.

8 . That’s a lot of work – the work load is inflated and the benefits overlooked.

9. But what does that mean for us – suddenly we become the victim of the idea.

10. But that’s not the way it’s done – history is the weapon, tradition is the answer.

11. How do we leverage this –  great ideas drown in jargon.

12. But what if we did this –  a regurgitation of the idea is re-pitched by someone else.

13. I’ll send you my feedback –  email, the secret killer.

14. That’s way beyond us – so why even try?

So know your enemy and don’t let them stop you..

Adapted from, and inspired by the incredible Cliff Bleszinski’s Game Developer Flashcards.

Also, thanks to Leslie for the original link.

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